Our Story, Vision & Mission

Meal Delivery Service
We create meals that are designed thoughtfully, made with love and contain a balance of nutrients.


We are here to bring you delicious, healthy home-made meals. Since our launch in 2009, we’ve always helped our audience live a stress-free life. People who don’t have the time or inclination to cook can order and enjoy home made food. Every day our customers experience the meal box delivery, packed with freshness, quality, care & hygiene.


Everyone should be focusing on good and healthy food. But due to our jam-packed lifestyle, it’s difficult to find time to cook food for ourselves and our loved ones on a regular basis. Therefore,we believe everyone should have access to affordable and healthy food. Similarly, our vision is to push you off from eating out which is no longer a healthy treat but instead, a bad habit. Shake hands with us on this amazing journey towards eating healthier and tastier.


We aim to provide customers with supreme taste, impressive quality service and pleasant experience. We understand that at times, leading a busy life whilst trying to maintain a right diet can prove difficult. Here, we want tlo make it easier for you. We have a wide range of variety including Pakistani Cuisine, Bar B Que, Chinese, Continental, Sea Food, Fast Food, Desserts. Delivered to your table with a big smile.

Our Fun Fact

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we offer couples and families that order products in our bakery a complimentary box of bagels.
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Fresh Dishes
We believe in cooking good food with fresh ingredients rather than Fancy Dishes or Complicated Masterpieces using stale/frozen foods.
Variety is the spice of life. One cannot eat the same thing time and again. Therefore, we make sure that our menus are not repetitive. We offer a wide variety of foods ranging from BBQ, Chinese, Pakistani, Fast Food, Sea Food etc.
The secret to success is to treat the customers as if our world revolves around them. And it is this philosophy which has led us to treat every interaction with our customers as a way to change their perception of our business.
We take pride in making on-time deliveries with the quality of the meal remaining intact. We understand that there is no greater love than the love for food. And we would not want to come in between you and your love.