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Working round the clock for successful execution of your event Catering for all your events

Here at Home Town, we bring the same high quality food and service, whether you’re serving 10 people or 1,000. Therefore, your next event is sure to be a hit. Your guests will love it and so will your budget. We use the best selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat chosen from the farmer’s market. You can choose from our suggested list of favorites or let us design a menu for you. Enjoy being a special guest at your own event !

Please note that all catering orders require at least 48 hours notice and are not final until we confirm.

Costing Per Item:

  • 1. Chicken Biryani (5 kg) Rs.5,000/-
    2. Chicken Karahi (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    3. Chicken Qorma (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    4. Chicken Achari (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    5. Chicken Nihari (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    6. Beef Biryani (5 kg) Rs.7,000/-
    7. Beef Karahi (5 kg) Rs.6,000/-
    8. Beef Qorma (5 kg) Rs.6,000/-
    9. Beef Achari (5 kg) Rs.6,000/-
    10. Beef Nihari (5 kg) Rs.6,000/-
  • 11. Mutton Biryani (5 kg) Rs.10,000/-
    12. Mutton Karahi (5 kg) Rs.8,000/-
    13. Mutton Qorma (5 kg) Rs.8,000/-
    14. Mutton Achari (5 kg) Rs.8,000/-
    15. Mutton Nihari (5 kg) Rs.8,000/-
    16. Fruit Trifle (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    17. Special Zarda (5 kg) Rs.6,000/-
    18. Special Suji Halwa (5 kg) Rs.2,500/-
    19. Special Lauki Halwa (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-
    20. Special Gajar Halwa (5 kg) Rs.4,000/-